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Find out the secrets of the Talking tom pool game with this guide


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Talking tom pool is a guide that can help you get the most out of the famous Talking Tom games. In this particular case, you’ll have access to a guide that explains how to play Talking tom pool.

Using this app is really easy: to start off, you’ll find four guides. Each one is dedicated to a specific part of the game: the first guide explains that the objective of the new Talking tom pool is to play with other cats in the pool. The idea is to drown them to earn points and pass to the next level. As you start going from one level to the next, you'll start earning clues that can be traded in the gaming room. Unlike other popular Talking Tom games, in this version you get to play with Tom as well as other of his feline friends which you get to imitate, drown, etc. As you advance to the next level you’ll start unlocking new pools that include new challenges and more fun.

Talking tom pool is a guide that basically explains what the Talking tom pool game is all about.
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