Realm Defense




An awesome classic 'tower defense'


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Realm Defense is a classic ‘tower defense’. In the game, your objective is to set up different defense towers a long you way to help you fight off your enemies, which will not be few. The more you advance, the more enemies you will have to destroy.

The gameplay is quite traditional, so if you’ve ever played Kingdom Rush or a similar game you’ll know exactly what to do. Every time you get rid on an enemy you earn coins which you can use to buy more towers or upgrade the ones that you’ve already built. However, if your enemies dodge your attacks and reach the end of the road then it is game over.

Realm Defense has more than 40 levels within different worlds. Through the levels you’ll have to destroy tons of different monsters that have strengths and weaknesses, make sure you find out what they are. Luckily, you also have repertoire of defense towers.

Realm Defense is an awesome ‘tower defense’ that has tons of different levels, enemies and towers. However, the best part about the game are its amazing visuals that have a cartoon design.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required

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