Nun Attack: Run and Gun


The toughest nuns are back on the attack


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Nun Attack: Run and Gun is a 2D endless runner where you control the toughest nuns in the world of gaming on a new adventure where they run nonstop while killing hundreds of monsters.

You can choose between different nuns from the original game. That said, at the beginning you can only use the main character, since the rest need to be unlocked by playing and getting coins.

The main gameplay in Nun Attack: Run and Gun is very similar to other endless runners, except in this game you can also shoot. You can run, jump, double jump, and slide on the ground, always with the aim of dodging all the obstacles you find in this ungodly world full of monsters.

Werewolves, skeletons armed with chainsaws, blood-thirsty vampire queens, and many other nightmarish creatures await. Luckily you have a good set of weapons to fight on the run.

Nun Attack: Run and Gun is a cool 2D endless runner with good graphics and an entertaining and addictive gameplay.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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