Macaron Cam




Real-time filters for your pictures


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Macaron Cam is an app to take pictures using customizable filters in real time. There are different styles of filters (with vertical or horizontal lines, squares, etc.), and you can customize them all.

To do this, just slide your finger on the screen to switch between the different filter types and choose the one you want to customize. If you slide up or down, you can switch between the front and back camera.

At the lower left corner of the screen there's an icon that changes the format of the picture. By default the app takes a photograph in a 3:4 aspect ratio, but you can even make collages in real time. Just take pictures one after another and create a spectacular work of art.

Macaron Cam is a great photography app that can create beautiful compositions in just seconds, thanks to its ability to apply hundreds of filters in real time.
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