Clean Master x86




Get rid of processes, files, programs, and apps you no longer need


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Clean Master x86 is a great cleaning app for keeping your Android smartphone in tip-top shape. Thanks to its different optimization tools, you can clean your smartphone's cache or delete your smartphone's history once and for all.

Clean Master x86 includes many tools, such as a task killer for killing any unnecessary tasks that are running in the background and slowing down your smartphone. It also has a residual file collector, which cleans up all the extra space left by apps once they're uninstalled.

Among other interesting features, this app also lets you delete the smartphone browsing history and call log, as well as manage all the apps you have installed on your smartphone. Basically, it includes almost all the tools you'd find in the classic Windows 'Uninstall or change program' window.

Clean Master x86 is a useful app for keeping your smartphone clean and optimized. Not only will it help you free up valuable space, but it will also help your smartphone run more quickly and smoothly.
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