Bus Rush 2




The second installment of one of the very best endless runners


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Bus Rush 2 is a 3D endless runner that offers more and better-quality content than the first installment of the saga. This time you don't need to escape from a gorilla, as in the first game; instead you chase after a bus, a considerably less far-fetched feat.

Gameplay in Bus Rush 2 is standard for its genre: swipe left and right to move to either side of the screen, swipe upwards to jump, and swipe downwards to roll along the ground. With these straightforward controls you need to overcome all the obstacles you encounter along the way.

During the race you can pick up loads of coins, which can be used to unlock all kinds of additional content. And that isn't all you can collect. There are also different kinds of boosters, like jetpacks, jumping shoes, coin magnets, and so on.

Although the most traditional game mode is the endless runner one, Bus Rush 2 also has a kind of story mode where you have to complete a number of levels. To do that you have goals to accomplish, such as collecting a certain number of coins or covering a specified distance.

Bus Rush 2 is a straightforward, entertaining game with lovely visuals, an online ranking table, and loads of content for you to unlock, including new characters and skateboards. A worthy continuation to one of the very best endless runners on Android.

Android 4.0 or above required

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