Software Reviews

Uptodown has an enormous catalogue of programs, each with a corresponding product description. To delve even deeper into the possibilities of particular software, we highlight the most relevant programs—whether they be desktop programs (for Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu) or smartphone apps (for iOS and Android)—and talk about them in depth, explaining how they work and giving a clear verdict on their possibilities.

Splashtop: Control your computer from your iOS or Android

Have you ever wished you could control your home computer when you are somewhere else? With Splashtop Stream, now you can remotely control your...

Facebook Messenger integrates its own app range

Facebook Messenger lets you send animated GIFs, add filters to your videos, or create photo compositions using external apps.

PinOut reinvents digital pinball and turns it into an endless runner

PinOut is a free pinball game on Android. It's ad-free and lets you play your way through endless levels on an infinite table with virtual flippers.

Crystalrect is a mix between VVVVVV and Geometry Dash

Crystalrect is a hectic game that will truly make you suffer with its brutally high difficulty. It brings back fond memories of VVVVVV and Geometry Dash.

Send files of up to 10GB with WeTransfer on your Android

With the Android version of WeTransfer you can send files of up to 10GB in size to any contact for free.

How to manage official Twitter accounts with Tweetdeck

Professionally managing a Twitter account requires a certain amount of effort. Although there are some tools that have more options and allow you to...

Rust Bucket: Venture deep into puzzle-filled dungeons

Rust Bucket has elements from the popular roguelike genre offering a turn-based adventure where your every move is of utmost importance.

Everything you need to know about ARK: Survival Evolved for Android

We explain how to install and set up the game on Android, how the monetization system works, and also offer a little guide to help you get started.

How to set up a new Google family account

Google has released its new family groups feature, which allows content from its services to be easily shared among several people at once.

Manage a bunch of private loos in Toilet Guy

Toilet Guy is a free Android video game where you'll get behind the controls of private toilets. A shall we say, interesting title that's surprisingly fun.


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