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Akvis Enhancer is a plugin for the main photo-retouching programs that allows you to uncover the details that are hiding in the under- and over-exposed parts of an image.

The improvements that you can make using this extension are surprising, especially for those photographs that you took with the sun shining directly at the camera's lens.

The program doesn't make changes to the whole image, but rather just the parts that are over- or under-exposed.

In addition, it allows you to improve the quality of not only this type of images, but of any image. The photos will recapture the colors of the place where you took them, getting rid of those annoying shades of gray that digital photos often have.

Akvis Enhancer works with the following applications: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Painter, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact and many more.

Read the help section to find out how to run the plugin from the program that you have installed.

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